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Sylvan Arms Largest and most advanced sight pusher tool was designed for professional use. Made from hardened 8 There are many videos on youtube showing how to use this tool. 1. First things first, check out your pistol and then look at the sight and see if you need the angled side, or the straight side of the pusher block. Please remember to only use the head end of the bolt and push the sight towards the solid jaw, you should not be pushing towards your thumbscrew. If necessary, you may need to pull the nut and flip the pusher block around the other way to have the correct orientation. 2. Now, although it is not always necessary, it is recommended that you do remove slide from pistol. 3. Use included material or cut a small pc of business card to be used as a protective strip. Make sure the material has sufficient friction coefficient to avoid any sliding against the blocks. 4. Use oil for guns on the threads of the tool and oil the sight for smooth and fluid movements. 5. Now you can fix the slide and shim as needed with thin washers so that it is lined up to push at the bottom of the sight. Remember not to push on the upper blade area. 6. Now you can hand tighten thumb screw to secure slide, remember you don’t need alot of torque. 7. Take a step back and do a double check to make sure everything is lined up properly. You may want to us cushioning material like business card or a cleaning patch between the pusher and the sight so the sight does not get scratched. 8. Use wrench to slowly turn the bolt head as required for adjustment, the sight will move into alignment. Please keep in mind that 10lbs of torque on a 6″ wrench is equal to 1000lbs of torque pushing the sight. 9. In the case of a stuck sight that doesn’t move do not force it. You will need to soak the slide in gun oil overnight or 48hrs to loosen it up. If it still doesn’t move with moderately strong pressure then we recommend to take it to a gun smith or a manufacturers service center.


  • 4 sets of interchangeable grip inserts: A) Grip inserts with straight sides for Glocks, 1911, and similar. B) Grip inserts with stepped sides for XD, XDS, XDM, and others with stepped sides. C) Grip inserts with notches for Beretta, Colts, 92 and others with slide safetys and/or decockers D) Grip inserts with angled sides designed for all handguns that have angled sides
  • High End 8160 steel base, 6160 aluminum grip inserts, and stainless steel hardware ensure this product will not corrode and give you a lifetime of dedicated service
  • Sylvan Arms 4th generation Sight Tool is the most versatile and robust on the market.
  • The problem with most sight pusher tools on the market is that they do not fit all handguns. The SPT-24 is the 4th generation of sight pusher tools with 11 interchangeable blocks and almost infinite configurations ensuring that this amazing tool will work with almost any pistol with dovetail sights on the market including glock, 1911, sig, colt, beretta, wesson, luber, ruger, etc, etc… too many to list….